Time to Volunteer

"Time to Volunteer"—it's your time to act!

"Time to Volunteer" is a grant program for CANPACK employees that opens the door to a world of change. It is not only an opportunity to run your own project with the CANPACK Foundation financial support, but above all a venture where the volunteers' creativity, passion and commitment meet other people's needs. It's an opportunity to lead a project that can have a tangible impact on the people and community around you.

How does it work?

Find a local organization (public or non-governmental) to do tangible good together.

Plan a project together with the organization (it may be an educational, sporting, renovation, artistic, environmental, integration, or competency-based project)

Assemble a team - at least two persons from CANPACK You can also ask friends, acquaintances, family members, neighbors to join in.

Prepare and send your project
in the form of a request to:


Grab your grant and go ahead with your project.

* The program runs once a year, in the spring. If you want to find out how to join in, follow the internal communications at your work location or ask your local CSR coordinator.

Need inspiration?

You want to be socially fulfilled but don't have any idea for a project?
Get inspired! Project examples:

  • preparing cooking workshops for children from the youth center
  • organizing theater for seniors
  • organizing events for people with intellectual disabilities
  • preparing workshops for young people on how to stay safe online
  • creating a sensory garden for autistic people
  • refreshing nursery swings
  • preparing herbariums with school pupils
  • preparing lessons on values
  • organizing a concert for hospice patients.

Every idea may be be transformed into a valuable project impacting our surroundings.

You've got the idea, but...

... you’re hesitating? Not sure if your project is eligible for a grant? Not sure if you can handle it? The rule is simple—don't give up! You resign, you're missing an opportunity. Remember that good always comes back and every action matters. We are here to help you. Contact us and we will certainly find a solution!