About us

We are the local community voice

Since its establishment in 2015, the CANPACK Foundation overriding goal is to be mindful of local community needs wherever the CANPACK Group conducts its business.  We engage in whatever is important and close to our employees and their families, giving strength and vitality to local communities through grant and volunteer programs or local project support.

We believe that every initiative, every project and, above all, every person can contribute towards building a better world. Therefore, we inspire and support activities that focus on promoting development, education, sport, health, culture, nature conservation and supporting the weak and the needy in our immediate surroundings.

The Foundation strength is the team of CANPACK employeeswho are not only subject matter experts but also passionate people engaged in community activities. They are the reason why we are able to launch various initiatives and aid campaigns for the benefit of local communities.

Our Mission

The CANPACK Foundation volunteers, through various initiatives and special actions, pursue a specific mission—to be the voice for local communities. They do this by listening to the community needs, engaging in dialogue and responding to challenges. We believe the real change begins with ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our friends. We, therefore, focus on local action because we know that they are powerful enough to affect the whole world.