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What drives the CANPACK Foundation are the employees and the people around them. Our every initiative is a drop that forms an ocean of change. Join us to make a better future for local communities.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can create and promote positive changes. Together we run projects related to development, education, sport, health, culture, nature or support for people in need. Working hand in hand, we make history by supporting locally, and inspiring globally.

Together we are making a better world!

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Be socially fulfilled. Lead a charity project!

Employee volunteering

"Time to Volunteer" is a grant program designed for CANPACK employees. It allows volunteers to be socially fulfilled. It provides a space for philanthropic ideas as well as educational, sporting, renovation, artistic, environmental and integration initiatives to become real. It's an opportunity to lead a project that can have a tangible impact on people and communities around you.

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Collaboration for the benefit of local communities

We believe local power can change the global world. We support local communities, by empowering them, shaping their dreams and inspiring actions that break boundaries. Together we build bridges between the local and the global, because every small gesture carries a powerful change.
Join our mission and be your local community voice!

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Our neighborhood, our responsibility. Locally, globally, together!

Be your local community voice!

Your commitment makes the difference. Join us and become your local community voice. Together we build a better future!

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Familiarize yourself with our recent initiatives to find out that together we can achieve incredible things.

Latest developments

Dreams of 18 organizations come true

CANPACK Foundation Christmas grants went to 18 organizations to make their smaller and bigger dreams come true. These include two special patient trolleys and a coffee machine for a hospice in Brzesko, a washing machine and a refrigerator for children brought up in a children's home as household equipment in an independent flat in Bydgoszcz, bedding sets, pyjamas and blankets for the new oncology patients of the Stowarzyszenie Dębickie Hospicjum Domowe im. Jana Pawła II in Dębica, a twin pram for small patients of the Ośrodek Rehabilitacyjno-Edukacyjno-Wychowawczy in Wyry or new roller blinds for roof windows and shower hoses with heads for Dom Pomocy Społecznej Zgromadzenia Sióstr Miłosierdzia św. Wincentego a Paulo in Tarnów. We are glad that our support will allow those organizations to pursue their missions of helping even more strongly.

Meeting the Latarnia's needs

We have been working with the Latarnia from Cracow—once a close neighbor of the Foundation—for several years. The whole story began with a car that was to be used for transporting both people and food during the demanding summer period. Each year, we help this small yet great organization in a variety of ways so it can take care of their charges from the Bronowice estate—the lonely, the elderly and those without homes—in the best possible way every day. This year, we bought them some household appliances needed for the daily operations—a Lidlomix, a professional waffle machine and a washing machine.

Time to Volunteer (2023)

Under the umbrella of the "Time to Volunteer" grant program, CANPACK employees together with volunteer friends carried out 30 fantastic projects! Projects designed for children, young adults, older people, people with special needs, and hospital patients. The garden revitalization, dancing and singing workshops, the library creation, a new playground, creative workshops, a quiet room or the preserves preparation are just a few of those projects in which more than 300 volunteers participated. Well done. Great ideas and exemplary courage!

Poranki muzyczne dla dzieci i młodzieży — Eko Planeta

With our support, the Polish Art Philharmonic carried out the project "Poranki muzyczne dla dzieci i młodzieży — Eko Planeta" (Musical mornings for children and young adults - Eco Planet). As a part of the project, several events took place—a meeting with Łukasz Tochem, photographer and traveller; an art and staging workshops involving the use of aluminium cans; and a concert—Camille Saint-Saëns "The Carnival of the Animals" performed by the Polish Art Philharmonic. A total of 368 children took part in the project.